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Cool Tees for Cool Kids: Royal Dynamite

For all you official and self crowned African royalty out there; finally, a T Shirt company to acknowledge your nobility and royal coolness. Representing Sierra Leone, West Africa by way of California an e-commerce T-shirt brand from young entrepreneurs Ralph Saye and Cecil Williams. Royal Dynamite is built on the premise of continuous synchrony with  artists, designers, and consumers through ongoing partnerships and contests. Each RD Tee is a canvas of ingenuity, and innovation that seeks to empower and represent a creative community . And while their ultimate goal is to succeed as business men, these t-shirt gurus pride their brand in ultimate T-Shirt Lover satisfaction. Bravo Guys!!!

To SHOP for your Royal Dynamite T Shirt visit: http://shop.royaldynamite.com/
Find Royal Dynamite on Twitter: @royaldynamite