Home Business Here is the first Volkswagen assembled in Ghana

Here is the first Volkswagen assembled in Ghana

by Alhassan Lamin

President Akufo Addo has unveiled the first Volkswagen (VW) assembled in Ghana from VW Plant. 

The car went into production back in April and they now have six different brands of assembled vehicles including the Tiguen, Teramount, Amarok, Caddy, Polo and Passat. 

President Addo said that the VW Assembly Plant will create a lot of highly skilled jobs, and reduce the high amounts  of forregn exchange used in the importation of second hand vehicles. 

This is not the first time Ghana has assembled cars. In 2018, Kantanka Automobile produced the country’s first locally made vehicle. Whiles Sinotruck are also assembling trucks in the country.  

President Addo says he welcomes other automobile companies to set up shop in Ghana. 

See images of the unveiled Volkswagen 

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