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Sierra Leone COVID-19 cases reach 1000 within 70 days

Sierra Leone on June 9, 2020, recorded 24 new confirmed cases of the COVID-19 pandemic, bringing the total number of cumulative confirmed cases to 1025 and that was according to the Ministry of Information and Communications daily status updates on the virus.  

Today marks 71 days since Sierra Leone registered its index confirmed cases on March 31 2020 and 15 districts out of the 16 districts in Sierra Leone have registered confirmed cases of the virus, with Freetown (Western Area Urban and Rural) having the highest number of registered confirmed cases. 

The country has also registered 621 confirmed recoveries and 50 confirmed deaths during this period. A total of 7,762 specimens has been tested, with 1,608 people currently in quarantine and 5,414 people discharged from quarantine centers. 

Presently 354 confirmed patients are in treatment centers and the new cases recorded today are from Western Area Urban with (11 cases), Kenema District (9 cases), Moyamba District (2 cases), and Kono District (2 cases).

Current status update.

These are the following districts with confirmed cases and their number of cases so far. Western Area Urban (581 cases), Western Area Rural (153 cases), Bo District (49 cases), Bonthe District (37 cases), Bombali District (20 cases), Falaba District (4 cases), Kailahun District (21 cases), Kambia District (2 cases), Kono District (24 cases), Kenema District (80 cases), Koinadugu District (3 cases), Moyamba District (14 cases), Port Loko District (19 cases), Pujehun District (6 cases), and Tonkolili District (12 cases).  

Karene District, Northern region is the only district with 0 cases, 0 quarantine, and 0 isolations of the virus. 

Meanwhile, as the cases are increasing daily citizens have started calling on the government to ease some of the lockdown measures in the country, as things are getting harder every day for the less privilege citizens.