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Jal’s Designs a brand worth investing in Sierra Leone

by Frañkvin Bob McEwen

Meet Ibrahim Jalloh a textile designer who make custom bags, T-shirts, purses and sandals for a living. He is also the Chief Executive Officer of Jal’s Designs. Ibrahim Jalloh said he began creating and customising bags in 2015 and that he has spent 3 years perfecting his craft not counting 2019.

He said it was his profession as a textile designer that has helped made him the man he is today and that because of his craft he has got to meet a lot of people but local and international. He says business is good for him and that his products are really a hit.

He advertises and markets his products through social media, namely WhatsApp and Facebook and also through referrals from older customers.
He gave his view on the fashion industry in Sierra Leone and according to him fashion is taking another level in Sierra Leone due to the emergence of fashion houses and fashion designers though he admits there’s more work to be done in the fashion industry.

His message to young textile designers was to be patient and also have the passion to learn and perfect their craft.

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