January 30, 2023


Sierra Leone Entertainment News

Coronavirus reaches over 200,000 cases and over 8,000 deaths worldwide

The novel coronavirus has now infected over 200,000 people globally and claimed over 8,000 lives as it still continues to spread.

The virus which started last year in Wuhan, China has now spread through every continent in the world except Antarctica recording more cases of death in Europe than China.

Governments around the world have implemented travel restrictions, border closures, and lockdowns in the aim of crippling the COVID-19 in their respective countries. 

In Sierra Leone, the government released a press release on the 16 of March 2020 putting a ban on all government officials from traveling out of the country and also restricting public gathering to a maximum number of 99.

Sierra Leone has yet to record a case of coronavirus but its neighbors Guinea and Liberia have both recorded cases of the virus within the country.

Africa remains the continent with the least impact of the virus recording a total of 585 cases. Egypt remains the country with the most cases 196 followed by South Africa 116.

Montenegro the only European country that had not been affected by the virus, confirmed late yesterday that it has recorded its first 2 cases of the virus which means all of Europe has now been affected by the coronavirus.

However, in the Chinese city of Wuhan, the spread of the virus seems to be dwindling drastically as the city records a single case for the second consecutive day in a row.