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In Pictures: Budapest Bamako rally

by Alhassan Lamin Kargbo

The Budapest Bamako Rally is a charity car race that starts from Budapest, Hungary and ends in Africa. This year’s rally ended in Freetown, Sierra Leone, which is the first time the rally came into the country’s capital.

The rally which started on the 31st of January 2020 features over 700 participants from more than 30 countries with over 300 cars, bikes, and trucks.

If you missed the rally in Freetown, here is a highlight in pictures.

Budapest Bamako rally cars entering the Siaka Stevens Stadium.
Rally bike being towed.
Happy boys welcoming the tourists.
National Dance Troop entertaining the tourists.
Croatian team very excited as they reached in Freetown.
Estonian participant.
Mike participant from Isle of Man.
Teddy in front of Mike's truck.
Bulgarian couples, Jordan and Daniela.
Boot of one of the riders.
Five countries, one team, one car.
Finland rally team.
Lithuanian car with 3 country flags.
Budapest Bamako rally bikes & cars parading at Siaka Stevens stadium..
Parked cars, bikes and flags of different countries.
Mayor of Freetown and Andrew one of the organizers of the rally.
Croatian rally team crossing the finish line.
Estonian trio's showcasing their finish certificate.
Jordan and Daniela crossing the finish line.
Hungarian rally team member popping champagne as they cross the finish line.
Laura Cola, female bike rider showing off her certificate.
Budapest Bamako finish certificate.

Photo credit: Ernest Henry.

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