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To win souls churches in Sierra Leone are turning to this one internet company

Six years ago a group of Sierra Leoneans put their technical expertise in information systems, and connectivity and AI Networks was born. Although the company serves clients across the public and private sector it has also become the go-to internet service provider for Sierra Leone’s religious institutions. A decade ago no one could have envisioned that their church would be bringing them sermons on Facebook Live Video or Youtube but that Internet Church or e-Church is here to stay. 

Internet church is a gathering of religious believers facilitated through the use of online video stream, audio stream and/or written messages whose primary purpose is to allow the meeting of a church body of parishioners using the internet.

Two churches leading the way in embracing technology to spread the word of God are Living Word of Faith Ministry and Bethel World Outreach Ministry both clients of AI Networks. 

Living Word of Faith Outreach Ministries is located at Victoria Street in Freetown. It was founded in 1999 as an International Ministries headed by Bishop Akintayo Sam Jolly. Bishop Jolly’s Living Word of Faith uses AI Networks broadband internet to broadcast their service and also for administrative purposes. 

Pastor Victor Davies who happens to be the treasurer for the Church said since they decided to broadcast the service on Facebook Live and Youtube AI Networks has been reliable. 

“We have our day to day activities as a church and administrative functions that need to be done through the internet that was why we needed internet for the church,” said Pastor Davies.

Pastor Davies said AI Networks was not the first internet company they sourced their services from but the previous one could not provide their connectivity needs.

“We have used AI Networks for more than four years now for live streaming. Some of the problems we were facing with these other network operators were lack of connectivity, lack of service support and when you call them if you are having connectivity issues they would be postponing their work visit.”

Pastor Davies said they have been using the company now for some time but their response rate to customer service exceeds their expectations.

“With AI Networks there could be issues, more especially during the rains but with a single call they always make themselves available to sort the problem out at the fastest possible time.”

Pastor Davies added that because of the unfailing Internet connection of the church they have grown in membership in both the local and international community. Members that are outside of the country or who can not attend service on a particular Sunday or Thursday can join online in worship, if they miss the live streaming they can always go to Living Word’s Youtube channel and watch the service they missed.

“We have quite a huge number of people who watch our services online, had it not been for such a reliable network such as AI Network we would not have those people enjoying those benefits; the calling in, the testimonies, their feedback.”

‘’The services AI Networks provides are amazing, I know because I use their internet service in the church and at home. If at all they are having any challenges that is when they will come to 100% support their clients, because of their immediate service response.”

Bethel Cathedral of Praise a member of Bethel World Outreach Ministries is an international church another client of AI Network that has been using their service for over 3 years now. Bethel Cathedral of Praise is located on Circular Road in Freetown.

Raymond Issa is a media officer at the Church and he said they have been using AI Networks for almost 4 years. They tried other service operators but they had connectivity issues with them so they had to switch over to AI Networks for better connection. And since they did they have not needed to change to any other network operators. 

“Since we came to the realization that we can also make use of social media to impact people out there because we found out that maybe in the walls of the Church we are  targeting a 1000people but using Facebook to bring our services live on Facebook we target a larger audience. The internet is a very good tool for us to evangelize and preach the gospel, we wanted to be using Facebook Live but the other internet service providers was unable to link us up to facebook live, their internet was not that strong for us to start Facebook live, so we decided to search for other opportunities from network operators”

With AI Networks they are now worry-free from internet issues and they recommend anyone interested in internet service to use AI Networks. 

AI Networks has 36 base stations across Sierra Leone offering 24/7 customer support.  They are the ones to beat for internet services, VPN, and live streaming. Churches in Sierra Leone are expanding their reach thanks to uninterrupted internet connectivity from AI Networks that keeps them connected from upload to download.