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Sierra Leone: Ten years of medical missions, US doctor opens Cotton Tree Pharmacy

Dr. Fouad Sheriff and the staff of the newly opened Cotton Tree Pharmacy in Freetown, Sierra Leone

Dr. Fouad Sheriff and the staff of the newly opened Cotton Tree Pharmacy in Freetown, Sierra Leone
Dr. Fouad Sheriff and the staff of the newly opened Cotton Tree Pharmacy in Freetown, Sierra Leone

[9 November 2018 – Freetown, Sierra Leone] –

Pa Demba Road has a new landmark with the opening of Dr. Fouad Sheriff’s Cotton Tree Pharmacy. Sheriff is a US-Based Physician who aims to make quality genuine medicine more accessible in Sierra Leone. Sheriff also wants to make it easier for Sierra Leoneans in the diaspora to get drugs to their family in need at home. 

Sheriff who practices medicine in Virginia is no stranger to Freetown. He is a proud alum of the Prince of Wales. Sheriff is currently on a medical mission to Sierra Leone with a team of health professionals from the diaspora. It is a decade since he started returning home annually to provide free medical services to communities in need. It was on these missions that he noticed that too many patients do not have access to genuine quality medication.

Cotton Tree Pharmacy opens for business on 9 November 2018. 

“Cotton Tree Pharmacy solves a problem that currently exists in the business,” said Sheriff, whose expertise includes diabetes, cardiology, dermatology, oncology, gastrointestinal diseases, rheumatology, and HIV. “The pharmacy should be a one-stop healthcare destination – a place where patients can come to have drugs they can trust, blood pressure and medication therapy management. Cotton Tree Pharmacy is a place people can feel free to come in and ask questions to trained and experienced pharmacists.”


Sheriff designed Cotton Tree Pharmacy to be the premier healthcare destination of choice for patients who are looking for a trustworthy provider of medicines. 

Visitors will immediately notice Cotton Tree Pharmacy’s heavy reliance on barcode technology. All medicines are procured from providers that are WHO certified for quality. One innovative aspect of the Pharmacy is that those in the diaspora who need to get medicines to their family can order and pay for medication online. Their loved ones in Sierra Leone who would have brought their prescription to the Pharmacy will get an alert that their meds are ready for pickup and or delivery. Returnees who have medication prescribed to them from providers in the US & Canada will be able to refill those prescriptions at Cotton Tree Pharmacy without having to wait for someone to ship the refills to them in Sierra Leone.


Cotton Tree Pharmacy will carry genuine brand name and generic products for the body sourced from makers across the world. The Pharmacy’s warehouse sells retail and wholesale drugs, as well as medical accessories to health care professionals.

“As I began to formulate the vision (of Cotton Tree Pharmacy), I wanted something that would meet the needs of Sierra Leoneans at home and abroad. No matter where you are in the world if your family is here and unwell, you want to do anything to help them. That’s where we come in. We can deliver medicines to anyone anywhere in Freetown and beyond. Payments can be made online, and we can dispense the very same day,” said Sheriff.

Cotton Tree Pharmacy is located at 17 Pa Demba Road in the heart of Freetown’s business district. Its official grand opening is November 9, 2018. For more information about Cotton Tree Pharmacy Company or to request an interview with Dr. Fouad Sheriff contact Vickie Remoe, VR&C Marketing Company, at +232 88 595932