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SwitSalone Style File: Olive Macauley, fashion designer at Sanuley


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My Style:

My style is about keeping things simple and sophisticated. Sometimes we are drawn to someone’s style without really understand why, and that to me is the meaning of elegance. I’m drawn to classic silhouette and timeless looks. A lot of my outfits I have owned for years, and can easily continue wearing them for years to come.


My Style is Unique Because:

I am not led by trends. Just because a look might be trending now does not mean it works for you.


If I’m out on the town I’ll be wearing:


My look can be quite varied for hitting to town. So it can be anything from a floaty maxi dress to pencil skirt. I am a bit partial to skirts and dresses as I think it makes me more feminine. I also like lots of accessories, its probably the African in me. A pair of high heals is also an essential part to my dressed up look. I also like adding a scarf to my look as I think it adds that bit of elegance.


Good Style Is:

One of the important things about good style is that you understand what works for you. Good hair, stylish shoes and well groomed eyebrows really helps regardless of your style. Don’t be rigid with fashion rules. Mix prints, be bold and experiment with colors. Lipstick has to be the go to make up product for any fashionista. Have fun with fashion, you never know, you might brighten someone else’s day.



How would you describe Fashion & Style at home? (home can be anywhere):

Here in London we have an anything goes sort of attitude to fashion. There are so many varied looks you never get bored. What I love about fashion in Freetown is that all the ladies make an effort to look good even if they are staying in the house all day. Women in Freetown are quite competitive about dressing up and being seen the hottest trends.


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