Introducing Satta Matturi Fine Jewelry, Sierra Leone’s answer to Cartier

Satta Matturi is a woman who knows her diamonds. Like her father before her, Matturi has spent much of her professional career in the diamond trade working for DeBeers.

Her latest venture Satta Matturi Fine Jewelry combines this experience and knack for design to bring precious and semi precious stones to Africa’s rich and glamorous. Matturi who previously launched Freetown Chic, a costume jewelry line says SMFJ is going to be Africa’s answer to Cartier and Tiffany.

Her client’s in Ghana, Nigeria, Botswana, and Sierra Leone commission SMFJ for weddings, as keepsakes, and for special occasions. SMFJ seeks to be the first choice for African brides at home and in the diaspora.

 SMFJ Official Website