December 5, 2022


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Sierra Leone’s David Sengeh makes 2014 Forbes 30 Under 30 in Technology

David Sengeh

Most Sierra Leoneans have heard of Kelvin Doe but not David Sengeh. When the government gave out its annual awards for accomplishments in 2013, they gave one to Doe and not Sengeh. Doe  who shot to internet fame as part of Sengeh’s Innovate Salone is celebrated locally as a tech genius, after an internet video of Doe went viral. In the video Doe talks about putting parts together to make a transmitter, and generator. For this he was hailed as a great Sierra Leonean inventor.

Sierra Leone's David Sengeh Forbes 30 Under 30 in Technology

The truth is there are actually many Does in Sierra Leone, they just haven’t had an opportunity to be seen, or develop. What’s more rare, and more needed however is more people like David Sengeh. Those who make it possible for young people like Doe to grow, develop, and learn. Sengeh is Intelligent, hardworking, and committed to making sustainable change on an international level.

Sengeh’s mention in Forbes 30 Under 30 is just the icing on the cake. In this and the next couple years Sengeh will continue to shape technology, and discourse on development. Sengeh was also just named a TED 2014 Fellow for Inventing “a next-generation wearable mechanical interfaces that improves prosthetic comfort for amputees while simultaneously reducing costs, making the devices affordable in the developing world.”