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Rallies, Manifesto, Elections…..Let the Good Times Roll

by Vickie Remoe

I never knew the preamble to the elections would be so fun and exciting in Freetown. Its like everyday is a big party…full of motorcades, speeches, and aschobis. All the party offices remain constantly packed with supporters in full party colors. This past weekend the SLPP had a rally that lasted well into the night. SOLO B DI BOMBA!!!! Can now be heard in the mouths of all SLPP suppoters. Its really amusing….the whole Bomba thing came from a Celtel Marketing Campaign….and now we’ve gone from Bra to Bomba. All man na Bomba, but not all bomba are made equal….You get Bomba en den u get Bomba way get nomba….

As u probably now know, the SLPP selected the current minister of foreign affairs MOMODU KOROMA as Berewa’s running mate. At the end it came down to him and KANJA SESAY, the commissioner of NACSA (National Commission for Social Action). Word on the street is that Berewa would have liked to select Kanja but that Pa Kabbah had promised Momodu the vice presidency three years ago. Supposedly Mr. Sesay is more well liked than Mr. Koroma who is generally viewed as “conservative, im no get time for pipul dem”. Yesterday, the SLPP published their party Manifesto, a 60 plus page booklet about their policies and what they will do when they get to office. I’m not sure how many of the 39% of Sierra Leoneans who can read will actually read this manifesto…but I dont think they care who reads it. The purpose of the manifesto is for the parties to refer you to it if u happen to ask them a question. Any tin now way u say dem to tell fo go read di manifesto….knowing damn well no bodi no get fo read am

Today is the APC party rally….Ohsai OhWai (rising sun in temne). Its turned into a call and response thing among supporters….you say Ohsai, I say Ohwai. The rally will start from Earnest Bai Koroma’s home in Goderich and all supporters will meet at the National Stadium at 2pm. Bus loads of APC supporters and does on foot are already enjoying the festivities…..the City is red. Supposedly APC is the party of the grass roots from market women to taxi drivers….One SLPP supporter lamented yesterday that the APC party had joined with rebels…Me noh no if na tru. Anyway lets talk about CHOCOLATE CANDY EARNEST B….As I’ve said before the man is a babe…For his running mate, he has selected MALIGIE SAM SUMANA from diamond rich Kono. Like many Freetonians, I don’t know much about SAM D MAN…but na dat make a day na tong…ash sure say befo di week day don, mo news go day. Wetin me yeri yesterday na say di man get beaucoup money en im buy 100 jeep dem for the APC party. How true that is…me noh know.

I’m at Wilkonson road right now and hundreds of APC supporters looking well organized some walking others jogging and singing…..”APC BACK TO POWER”………….”NA NOW DI CASE DON WAM”

I’m heading to town to look around.


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