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Christians divided & 2 stabbed over Evangelist Sister Linda’s revelations

by Vickie Remoe

Words by Jaime Barry in Freetown

A young female evangelist in Sierra Leone has announced that only 5 of the nation’s citizens will make it to heaven and only 3 churches there are approved by God. Sister Linda Ngaujah says she got this revelation after she died and was resurrected. Her words have divided Christians and others.

Sister Linda Ngaujah, a student at LICSAL business college in Freetown claims to have returned from a 5hr journey through hell and heaven. She told this to her Pastor Ezekiel Bamba Sesay of the International Church of Salvation. A taped recording of her revelations has been circulated on the radio.  Her messages are causing a stir in an otherwise very tolerant society. Two men stabbed each other in Funkia over an argument on Sister Linda’s revelation.

Pastor Sesay explains that Linda is not the first to have these revelations. Her younger sister Finda Ngaujah had revealed back in December 2012 that God intends to end the world. And now two and a half month later, a similar message has been revealed to her elder sister, Linda.

The Story

Sister Linda returned from a funeral ceremony few days ago when she got home feeling very dizzy. She then decided to relax on the couch in the living room for a while when eventually she started experiencing serious pain and foam started to form round her mouth.

She then called her Sister Finda to pray for her who according to Linda is a very strong Christian. Finda then prayed for her for almost about an hour when she felt a sharp pain before she realised that she was dead and heading to hell.  As she approached hell, she says she saw all kinds of human race crying for their lives. According to her, she noticed people where punished by what they love most in life.

Female fornicators were being punished with sharp objects being inserted to their  private parts while their male counterparts were being punished with objects being greased on their organs. After her first hell first, she was taken to heaven where she saw all kinds of beauty which she says made her wish she would not return back to earth. She narrated several beautiful images in heaven from mansions, to food and how the few righteous live their lives in heaven.

Minutes later, she was then taken back to hell to have a final experience. It was during this final experience she encountered several great people that were highly respected by many on earth. Sister Linda says she saw the former President of Libya, Muamar Gaddafi.  According to her, Gaddafi who was ousted a year ago during the arab uprising, is suffering severely in Hell. Sister Linda says that Gaddafi gave her a message to instruct all Muslims to break down all the mosques he built around the world and replace them with churches. She further claimed Gaddafi asked her to tell his children to invest all the money and resources he left into churches.

Another notable world leader she claim to have seen is the former president of the Republic of Guinea, General Lansana Conte. According to her, Conte gave her another message to tell all Guineans to transform the great nation into a Christian nation. Conte also reveal to her that he founded a secret cult in Guinea back then and would like his followers to demolish the cult because he (Lansana Conte) is suffering everyday as his followers rejoice during their gathering. The third notable she saw is the famous American singer, Whitney Huston. According to her, Whitney wants her family to dedicate all her wealth into the church. She further saw her own mother, father and grandmother all perishing in hell. She also stated in her audio message that not more than five Sierra Leoneans will make it to heaven. She also claimed she has a message for the current president of Sierra Leone, Dr. Ernest Bai Koroma which according to the pastor, they have already delivered. She was given messages from several people in hell including the famous Osho Williams, a former government minister in Sierra Leone.


In everything that Sister Linda has said the one statement that has wrought chaos among Christians is that she says that only three churches have been approved by God, the Faith Healing Bible church, the International Church of Salvation and one Nigerian Pastor by the name of Pastor Emeka.

In response the churches have called her blasphemous. Some of the pastors say Sister Linda wants to bring division in churches and the unity Muslims and Christians share in Sierra Leone. But Pastor E.B. Sesay was quick to defend this statement.

“I know Sierra Leone is one of the world’s most tolerance countries when it comes to religious practices and Linda’s intention is not to bring division but to deliver a message given to her God and Jesus Christ,” her said.

“I understand some of her messages were too direct and can cause problems but we don’t have to blame her, she is just a young girl. She is presently under my supervision and am trying my best to coach her on how to deliver or preach such messages.”

He says they never wanted the revelations to go viral.

Whether Sister Linda Ngaujah’s message is true or false, she is the centre of discussion in thousands of homes across Sierra Leone. At the moment she is under a tight security and those wishing to hear her testimony will have to be searched and screened before they are allowed to see her. One of the security people assigned by the church Mathew Jalloh said they are trying to protect Linda’s life.

“Since the day Sister Linda’s message went viral, people have called her number insulting her and threatening her life. We don’t want to take chances,” he said.

As at the moment, sister Linda have refused to be interviewed by any media house nor allow her photo to be taken. I was only granted an interview by the Pastor who after several negotiation, agreed for me to take his picture. Sister Linda Ngaujah promised to grant Swit Salone an exclusive video interview after her seven days fasting.


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