WATCH: Morris Sesay, Lydia Forson, Desmond Elliot in new ‘Kamara Tree’ film

Shot on location in Sierra Leone last year Kamara Tree, is the latest film from actor, director Desmond Elliot. Kamara Tress is about the chaos and conflict that ensues after a family comes together for a wedding. The cast includes Elliot, Lydia Forson, Morris K Sesay, Ivie Okujaye, Dabota Lawson, Ginnefine Kanu, Bobby Obodo, Tessy Abubakar and Aisha Kamara. This is a truly anglophone ECOWAS production.

Also look out for cameo’s from Dr. Julius Spencer,  and Obai (the hairdresser from De Masters). And yes, that is the swimming pool area at the Country Lodge Hotel.

I am actually really looking forward to this film. The trailer looks great!