Home Entertainment NEW MUSIC: Top 4 songs on Sierra Leone radio right now

NEW MUSIC: Top 4 songs on Sierra Leone radio right now

by Vickie Remoe

Boss La aka L.A.J

Nasser Ayoub

Every Christmas holiday in Sierra Leone comes down to three things; family, potential hook ups, and music. While the relationships often fade, the soundtrack from the night clubs, Poda-Poda, and taxis keep the memories alive. For a lot of us living away from home Sierra Leone music is often that one thing that keeps us connected.

Well I didn’t make home to hear the tunes this season (headed to Nigeria instead) and I know I’m not alone. So foh make yu padi dem nor make style pan yu way dem comot na Salone. Ah don gehda di top 5 sing dem way dem play na tong dis Krismes. So yu sef foh able jam bodi en cham mot small. E noh go lef pan yu.

The top 4 songs now playing in Sierra Leone (in no order at all) are Nasser Ayoub ‘Tranga Hase Borbor’, Boss La ‘Go Police’, P-Square ‘Alingo’, and Camouflage feat Boss La ‘Na you Business’.

Appi Nu Iya!


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