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New Music: Olympic bubu hiphop crunk from Janka Nabay and Pupa Bajah

Janka Nabay

Pupa Bajah

If qualifying for the Olympic Games wasn’t sign enough of Ola Sesay‘s athletic abilities then this bubu tribute from Janka Nabay featuring Pupa Bajah ‘Nar London’ has done it for sure. Nabay is giving a free show today at the Kennedy Center just a day before the release of his debut album ‘En Yah Sah‘ with the Bubu Gang (members of Skeletons, Chairlift, Starring, Saadi, and Highlife). Incidentally Sesay will also begin qualifying for the Women’s Long Jump tomorrow August 7th at 19:05pm.

As for the single ‘Nar London’ I love that I can immediately hear the bubu horns. The horns are a Sierra Leone calling card. The meeting of the  old and living bubu sounds mixed with a bit of indie funk and some hip hop crunk by way of Bajah. We like.