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Bengals love Sierra Leone, Williams, Wilson, now Mohamed Sanu

by Vickie Remoe

22-year-old Mohamed Sanu is the third Sierra Leonean American to play professional football for the Cincinnati Bengals. Madieu Williams and Gibril Wilson both had contracts with the Bengals. Sanu a wide receiver was the  first third-rounder picked  from Rutgers University. On Thursday night during the first round draft a student at Rutgers  called Sanu’s  phone pretending to be from the Bengals. Sanu celebrated but it was a prank call. While he wasn’t picked in the first round, Sanu tweeted his excitement when the Bengals finally called.

                                       Thank God!! Im a Bengal for REAL!!!! AHHHHH! Bengals baeby!!!!

 At 6 ft 2, 210 pounds the South Brunswick native is being described as a coaches dream. Bengals credit Sanu as “durable, reliable, versatile, good hands, smart, crafty, and no diva traits.”

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