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Achebe, Ndour top Forbes ’40 Most Powerful African Celebrities’

by Vickie Remoe
Africa’s most influential celebrity, Nigerian Nobel Laureate Chinua Achebe 

Youssou Ndour

The very influential American Magazine Forbes recently released the list of the 40 most powerful celebrities in Africa.  The list include Femi Kuti at number  10, Salif Keita at number 7, Akon at number 5 following Benin’s own Angelique Kidjo at number 4. At the very top of the list, Nigerian novelist Chinua Achebe and Senegal’s father of mbalax Youssou Ndour respectively took first and second place.
This list is a product of online submissions, star power, and media visibility. West Africans scored high with 23 celebrities on list. The 40 most powerful celebrities in Africa include  12 nigerians, 5 malians, 4 kenyans, 4 South Africans, 3 Senegalese, 2 Congolese, 2 Ethiopians, 2 Ivoirians, 2 Algerians, 1 cameroonian, 1 Beninese, 1 South Sudanese, 1 Zimbabwean and 1 Somali.
(Dont see your country listed? Well simply put if your country’s national internet penetration is low, then you probably didnt hear about the list and more importantly, you couldnt vote. So dont worry…)
Source: Forbes.com

By Jacqueline Ngo Mbus

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