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"Leh Wi Tok" from the margins to the center

Leh Wi Tok – “Information is power” from John Lavall on Vimeo.

Leh Wi Tok – “Communication” from John Lavall on Vimeo.

Leh Wi Tok – “Dem Se” from John Lavall on Vimeo.

Leh Wi Tok – The Moa Stars from John Lavall on Vimeo.

Emmy Award winning producer/director John Lavall’s “Leh Wi Tok” is a beautiful and poignant documentary on the need for community radio in marginalized areas. The film focuses on Radio Moa in Kailahun District, in the Eastern corner of Sierra Leone Liberia border; the first and possibly the worst affected community during the civil war. To date, Kailahun remains cut off from the rest of the country with some of Sierra Leone’s worst road networks, with little or no access to electricity, and other government utilities. Radio Moa is run by local volunteers, and while it seems the odds are stacked against them, the Radio station which first broadcasted in 2003 celebrated its 7th anniversary in December 2010. Each day Radio Moa broadcasts “news, information and two-way conversation in their quest to provide a voice for the voiceless”.

The film “Leh Wi Tok” will be showing today August 11th 2011 at Rhodes Island Film Festival. P
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