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Blitz Ambassador, Spoek Mathambo, Iyadede in NYC (photo/video)

Blitz Ambassador at Lincoln Center Out of Doors


Spoek Mathambo

Sierra Leone’s Chief Boima..DJ

these boys can blow and they can move..great band

I celebrated my first week in New York City at the Lincoln Center Out of Doors Concert featuring Ghana’s Blitz Ambassador, South Africa’s Spoek Mathambo, and Rwanda’s Iyadede. It was a musical mix of African spiced R & B, and Hip Hop that had most of the crowd on its feet dancing by the end of the night. I recently bought Blitz Ambassador’s new album Native Sun but seeing him perform with his live band act was truly amazing. The music transcended generational and regional boundaries bringing us all closer together for a magically night of celebration, a truly New York party. I am so very happy to be back in the big apple.