March 26, 2023


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Is Maada Bio Sierra Leone’s Next President?

Maada Bio embraces RUF leader Foday Sankoh in the mid 90s
Mr Maada Bio today…Is this our next president?
Sierra Leone’s leading opposition party the SLLP at a convention over the weekend selected  Maada Bio, former NPRC strongman and leader of the Coup D’etat that overthrew Valentine Strasser as their presidential flag bearer to faceoff against President Koroma in 2012. Maada Bio handed power over to the democratically elected government of President Kabbah back in 1996 after which he supposedly went to the US and attended University. While some might always want to see Mr. Bio as part of a brutal millitary regime that collaborated with the likes of Foday Sankoh (as seen in the picture above), him and his supporters would like you to see him as a changed man capable of leading Sierra Leone’s rebuilding efforst under the leadership of an SLPP government. How do you feel about Maada Bio? Is Maada Bio the next President of Sierra Leone or is the SLPP on a path to self destruction?