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Nasratha Bakie Kamara in December 1977…Seven years before she had me

She loves food just like i do 🙂

Now you might understand why i’m a brick house…i got it from my mama

Mom who is this Jerry and why do u mention him on all these pics

she can still dance like no other…

At the risk of making my darling mother blush. I’m posting these photos of her from 1977 when she was about my age studying at SUNY New Paltz. She was as you can imagine quite stunning as she still is.
Its just the two of us now since my granny passed away….so this one is for you mom. I loves ya to bits and many thanks for passing on some of your good genes. I most appreciate my ‘cut neck’ oh wait you claim i stole it and you didn’t give it to me but still tenki ya <3