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Freetown Shines at Shuku Blai Performing Arts Night (Photos)

Charley Haffner (lead & Manager Director of the world famous ‘Freetong Players International’ formed in 1985

US trained Soprano Opera Singer Miss Joseryl Beckley accompanied by pianist Mr. Bami-Davis

Members of the the afro-modern dance group – Michele Pearson Dance Ensemble

Abdala Kesourani and Surlakshana Gupta deliver monoluges

Abdala, Surlakshana, and Stephanie Malyon in the ‘Waiter Rant’ Comedy performed by the trio – 2 Girls & A Guy

Sierra Leonean vocalist Dora King accompanied by Gerald Audaz and saxophonist Quentin

Tom Cairnes, Guitarist and Singer

hosted by me

drama performance by youth activists – Artists United for Children and Youth Development (founded in 2007)
me, again wearing my favorite ‘ronko’ country cloth outfit

Adbela as ‘Khasan’ with Gerald on guitar

Britelife Productions – dance and acrobat group

a cross section of all the wonderful players and performers at the 1st Shuku Blai Performing Arts night held at Bliss Patisserie on Wilkinson Rd. Freetown, Sierra Leone

Last night I had the pleasure of hosting the first Shuku Blai Performing Arts Night at Bliss Restaurant on Wilkinson Rd. Some of the nights performers included: Freetong Players International, the Michele Pearson Dance Ensemble, Britelife Productions, Opera Singer Joseryl Beckley, and many others. The organizers of the event hope that they will spearhead a revival of Freetown’s past performing arts glory. It was the first time in a very long time that I attended anything that entertaining. The event was sponsored by the American Embassy in Sierra Leone.

A ‘Shuku Blai’ is a hand woven basket of many colors and sizes that is usually used to keep valuables. The ‘Blai’ was chosen to represent the diversity of performances on show. For more information about SHUKU BLAI PERFORMING ARTS NIGHTS