50th Anniversary Reschuffle budget now $8m

After a very long televised inquiry session with President Koroma where many committee members declared they were unsure of their duties, Statehouse has issued a press release that states “…in wake of series of serious allegations relating to misappropriation of funds. Professor Magbele Fyle has been appointed as the new chairman of the committee, whilst former chairman of the committee, William Konteh, has been reassigned as coordinator. The mandate of the committee expires on the 31st May 2011.”

In other news, it has been reported that the 50th anniversary budget has been reduced from $25m to $8m.

Does this mean that President Koroma will relieve William Konteh of his post as Director of Diaspora Affairs since all evidence from the management of 50th Anniversary affairs suggests that he is clearly incompetent. Or are we going to wait till Anti Corruption indicts him first?