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Kenema & Co. fair pay fashion

by Vickie Remoe

Look out for the fair pay fashion creations of Alize Demange and Sierra Leonean Brit Tamu Thomas of Kenema & Co, based in the UK. She recently made a trip to to Kenema where she launched ‘Kenema’s Little sister’ scholarship program. The brand was born “of a passing comment by a friend who saw me wearing a beautiful dress made by an innovative Sierra Leonean seamstress using beautiful African fabric.  The suggestion was that I import more dresses and sell them.  That was a good idea but not enough for me, I am creative and have always aspired to working for myself so I decided that I would make my own clothes in Africa using African fabric and basis of Kenema was born.” Read full article from Niji Magazine . Or visit www.Kenemaco.com. Photos from Kenema & Co.

Congrats ladies and good luck. I’m loving it

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