Connaught Hospital Sierra Leone’s main referral medical facility opened in 1912 by the Duke of Connaught. Note: It is misspelled on the building

market stalls across from King Jimmy market, also serves as beds for the homeless

the ever elusive Freetown Dustbin

Lightfoot Boston Street – named after Sierra Leone’s first black Governor-General Henry Josiah Lightfoot Boston. His image can be found on the 50 leone coin

‘Ohmohlankay’ push carts at rest. During the day, they compete with cars on the busy streets of Freetown “comot oh, comot oh”

We all need a little bit of J O Y

the entrance to the under utilized stalls/market that make up Victoria Park. Once a child’s haven…

Freetown Beautification Campaign left over from the NPRC era…Long Live Thomas Sankara

It may look old and shabby on the outside but Sierra Leone’s Postal Services functions quite well. I recently received two packages from the US with all its contents in tact. The staff are very helpful

Another skeleton of the NPRC, a mural to former head of state Valentine Strasser, who at the time held the record for youngest head of state at age 25. Strasser just received part payment of much overdue compensation for those wounded in action in the early years of the civil war.