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John and Jackie in Forever Young

by Vickie Remoe

Last week I went to my first African movie premiere at the national theatre in Accra, Ghana for John Dumello and Jackie Appiah’s Forever Young. I was amazed at how composed the whole event was, much like any US premiere I’ve watched on TV. It was complete with paparazzi, celebrities, screaming fans, and the press.

 All too often with those of us who have spent way too much time overseas, there is a tendency to belittle the efforts of the African movie industry. But what I learnt from the premiere and meeting with many of Ghana’s leading actors and actresses is that the movie business is very serious business. The movie capture the hopes, dreams, and misgivings of a generation who no longer have to look without to see images of themselves on the big screen. E noh bi pekin ting at all.

In fact, I was  totally impressed and even star struck with the charm of one particular leading man i.e. the tall dark and beautiful John Dumelo who sat down for an interview with us at the African Regent Hotel. While I didnt get to see the entire film running in and out to set up for Jackie Appiah, i gathered from the little murmurs and comments that the crowd of fans that filled up the theater were quite pleased with Forever Young

Gonna have to head to Ghana and try my luck at making it big in Ghollywood 😉

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