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Did President Koroma snub the Press?

by Vickie Remoe

A Pussy Cat’s 3rd year Anniversary Press Briefing (c) Awareness Times

Justice Delayes is Justice Denied

3 Years of APC Misrule Press Conference (c) Awoko News

 Over the past couple weeks the newspapers have had more and more funnies in their pages…a refreshing alternative to the sometimes wordy full page and double page stories. This week both Awoko and Awareness Times had funnies criticizing the President’s 3rd year in office press briefing. In the first comic titled : A pussy cat’s 3rd year Anniversary press briefing…the president’s and other minister’s seats are vacent except for that of Minister of Information and the Minister of Energy & Power. A bubble at the bottom reads “you mean president khoroma and his other ministers have dodged questions from the fourth estate?” and the response “Probably so! But I guess they’ve gone to Bombali to appease the Matomahs rather than telling the nation what they’ve done”. A third bubble reads : “Mr Hon. Parrot IB kargbo with naked lateness and absolute absentism. Another comic from Awoko reads : “Mr President what about you always using Mr Timis plane, unemployment, FOI, corruption, tribalism, hunger, injustice…” meanwhile a caricature of the president is shown with his ears corked and his mouth taped. The final bubble in the comic explains : “The President of all with corked ears, mute, and resisting shuts? A big big affront to the fourth estate!” I need not say it but the local press clearly feels that President Koroma snubbed them by not attending the press briefing to mark his 3rd year in office.

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