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Solomon Berewa rises from the DEAD!!

Former Vice President Solomon Berewa and President Kabbah at the Funeral Service of Dr. Alfred Fawundu
SLPP Chairman John Benjamin
Dr. Sama Banya (Pawui)
cross section of the high table at the funeral of Dr. Fawundu
Sympathizers, Friends, and Family of the late Dr. Fawundu
SLPP aspirant Maada Bio
Ambassador Ali Bangura, Sylvia Blyden, Solomon Berewa, Tejan Kabbah

Yesterday I was in Bo town for the funeral of the late great Dr. Alfred Fawundu at Coronation Field City Council Hall. Dr. Fawundu was a member of the Old Bo Boys Association (OBBA) and served as UN resident representative in multiple African countries including, Ghana, Benin, Angola, and Bissau.  Last year he announced that he would contend to lead the SLPP party in the 2012 elections. Dr. Fawundu passed away last Sunday at Choithram Hospital.

The funeral service was a who is who of the SLPP party. Former president Tejan Kabbah, SLPP Chairman John Benjamin, former NACSA boss Kanja Sesay, NPRC head of State turned SLPP presidential hopeful Maada Bio, SLPP Presidential hopeful Obai Kabia, Mrs. John Karimu, Sylvia Blyden, Mrs Tejan Kabbah and much to everyone’s surprise Vice president Solomon Berewa.

While Dr. Wusu Sanoh Mayor of Bo performed the civic funeral, Solomon Berewa slowly walked up the stage, the room broke out in applause and celebration when they saw him. It was a wonderful moment. In the past couple weeks Sierra Leone’s press had made the death of Solo B.

When the applause died down the civic ceremony continued and Mr. Berewa was called upon to give tribute to Dr. Fawundu, he got up and his strong baritone voice vibrated in the room. He joked about being killed in the press while he was peacefully enjoying a holiday in India. He spoke of Dr. Fawundu’s contributions to the SLPP and expressed his profound respect for the man. Other people spoke during the funeral including john Benjamin and Sama Banya but it was Solomon Berewa who for lack of better words ‘stole the show’.

Dr. Fuwundu was buried at the Bo Town Ceremony yesterday…Sierra Leone’s ‘Nkrumah’ is no more.
RIP Uncle Alfred

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