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Naomi Campbell testifies at UN Special Court in the Hague (VIDEOS)


Naomi Campbell finally had her day in court and she confirms previous allegations that she did receive diamonds from Charles Taylor. She claims however that she gave the stones to a friend, Jeremy Ratcliffe, who was the director of the Nelson Mandela Children’s Fund, intending he use them for charity.But the organisation’s  current spokesman, Oupa Ngwenya, says the fund did not receive the diamonds. Mr. Ngwenya said the fund was unable to locate Mr. Ratcliffe and he also could not be reached by phone. Mr. Ngwenya confirmed that Mr. Ratcliffe is no longer the fund’s chief executive but a trustee. Ms. Campbell said she had called Mr. Ratcliffe a year ago to ask what he had done with the stones, and he told her he still had them.

The Charles Taylor trial has been going on for over a year, the Special Court in Sierra Leone has been ongoing for over 5 years. The war in Sierra Leone lasted for 11 years. The people of Sierra Leone spent a decade suffering, abandoned by the world, while Charles Taylor toasted with celebrities and super models in honor of Nelson Mandela. Hollywood has made its couple millions over our tragedy with Blood Diamonds. And Kanye West too has banked some bucks on our story with the song Diamonds from Sierra Leone. There are still thousands of Sierra Leoneans trying to recover and forget the horrific things they endured during the war, and the rest of us are doing what we can to develop our country. Let the trial go on, and the headlines shout but its all a little too late. Where was the media when we needed you to tell the story of our suffering? If half the money spent on the Trial could go to paying reparations and helping those directly affected by the war maybe then the blood diamonds, and child soldiers, and amputees can all be laid to rest. Sierra Leone has moved on from the war, the rest of the world needs to get on with it. Stop trying to victimize Naomi Campbell, she has nothing to do with the war in Sierra Leone or the proliferation of blood diamonds in the world. She is just another celebrity who received a gift and didn’t ask where it came from. Charles Taylor will be found guilty at the end of it all and he will rot in jail, the trial itself is a formality. But guilty or not the Special Court will never absolve those who stood by and let the war happen ignoring Sierra Leone as just another African tragedy.

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