March 24, 2023


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Fourah Bay College inaugurates new student union government

Fourah Bay College (FBC), University of Sierra Leone has inaugurated its new batch of student leaders, known as the Student Union Government (SUG). The ceremony took place at the Fourah Bay College campus on February 9, 2023, and was graced by government officials, the university’s authority, a couple of society’s stakeholders, and students from FBC and other higher institutions.

The theme for the inaugural ceremony was “reinventing student leadership through innovation, creativity and selfless service”.

Delivering the keynote address, Tony Morgan from the office of the president of Sierra Leone told the student leaders that they are special and unique and that they should look beyond the shores of Sierra Leone to create a connection that would help them achieve their plans in office. 

He reminded them that student leadership starts now and that there is a lot they can achieve on account of the university’s history. He concluded by reassuring the students that the president wants them to know that he believes in them.

Adama Sillah Conteh, the immediate former SUG president, in her handing over speech, thanked those who supported her time in office, highlighted some of her successes briefly, and spoke about the challenges there are in leading as a female. She also encouraged her successor to be ready for times he would face disappointment from those he holds closest.

President Alfred Micah Sesay in delivering his first speech said the ceremony provided an opportunity for meaningful reflection, starting with their proud past, highlighting their present circumstances, and visualizing a bright future that they are going to continue to build.

He said the ceremony will serve as a testament of not who they have been, but who they are, and can be. “This is a testament to what we have endured over the past, all we had to face, and certainly a testament to all we have lost in the pursuit of something great,” he said.

He added that his solemn responsibility is to ensure that the welfare of students is catered for, and said that the readiness of a greater and transformed FBC will be dependent on the level of responsiveness to the needs of the students who are its greatest stakeholders.

He noted the problems that students still face at FBC which include, but are not limited to, unfair treatment, late publication of grades, accommodation and transportation, cannot be solved by one, but by the coming together of all.

He called on his cabinet members to work together for the student’s interests, noting that they would be accountable for their stewardship to the students at Aureole and that they would be remembered for their actions.

President Sesay went on to thank the entire student body for making him their choice and called on them to work with him to execute his student manifesto. He thanked the university’s administration for their inclusion of a student’s union government and registered his hope for massive development. He said they would work together with the administration for the benefit of students, but would “go against” “draconian policies” if they attempted to implement them.

He further called on the government of Sierra Leone to support students instead of using coercive measures, other forms of scare tactics or intimidating actions towards them.

Other speakers at the event were Hon. Kandeh Kolleh Yumkella, Umaru Fofana, Asmaa James, Adonis Abboud, Andrew Lavali, Diction Bona, and representatives from a couple of corporate institutions.

Hon. Yumkella, warned against divisive politics, and encouraged inclusive governance, Fofana encouraged the student leaders to be united if they are to succeed as student leaders, Aboud spoke about the many children that are out on the street, and need to be sent to the classrooms, and pledged his support to them. As did Fofana, Lavali encouraged the formation of a Students’ Representative Council, which will serve as the college’s parliament, and advised that some of the problems the SU is seeking to solve be delegated to the government for addressing. Bona who was in office two years before Alfred recounted his hesitance in vying for office, which was outdone by his conclusion that it was worth it to lead and serve.