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Sierra Leonean filmmaker Idriss Kpange has died

Veteran Sierra Leonean filmmaker, Idris Kpange, has died. His death was reported in the evening hours of Tuesday, February 15, 2022, and the cause is yet to be known. 

Kpange is the co-founder of the “Opin Yu Yi” film festival, an annual human rights film festival that raises awareness to people about issues surrounding human rights. He is also the founder of Concept Multimedia, a platform he used to help young aspiring filmmakers achieve their dreams. He was also using the platform to tell stories from Sierra Leone from a Sierra Leonean or African perspective and change the narrative of the country in the outside world.  

He worked for ABC TV Africa, Thomson Reuters, as a video journalist and editor. Over the years he helped different personalities in the entertainment industry such as Xzu-B, DX3, and many others. Kpange has also worked on video documentaries about the civil war in Sierra Leone, Ebola, elections, and other key topics.

His death has been very shocking to Sierra Leoneans at home and abroad. Many people have reacted across different social media platforms, below are some of the reactions.