December 10, 2022


Sierra Leone Entertainment News

It’s 2022 and the word of the year is self- care. We’re practicing self-care in our diets, our relationships, our careers, in how we let others treat us but most importantly in our treatment of ourselves. Remember ladies and gentlemen YOU teach people how to treat you. But that first starts with how you treat you.

Skin is in, natural is in and all the ladies are now talking about “soft life”. Soft life in fact has a definition and it reads – the centering of peace and ease in one’s life and choices. So how are you all practicing the soft life? Are you setting boundaries? Are you making time for rest? Are you removing dusties from your life? 

However, another favorite soft life practice of mine is pampering myself. I enjoy facials, pedicures and although I’m not a big fan of strangers kneading my body, massages are nice. So in time for valentine’s day 2022 I’m going to give you my top 3 soft life spots in Freetown. The three salon spots I’ll be going in on range in number of years in the game, what they have to offer and what they’re really known for. Here we go!

Na-li Spa I’m a big believer in paying homage. I think it’s important to always give respect to those that come before you and lead the way. A lot of these young girls don’t understand that. If you ever plan on taking the top spot, you must always do it respectfully; that’s a Coco Tip.  With that I’m going to start off talking about “D mama pan dis beauty business”. Na-li spa is the longest lasting beauty spa in Freetown. Yes you will say “but there were others before them!” And to that I ask you “where they at now though?”. And you will have no response because say what you may, Na-li has been able to consistently stay in the market and continues to be one of, if not the most recognizable brands in beauty in Sierra Leone. Go and argue with Maada Bio. Not me.

  1. Na-li was opened in 200_ and is known primarily for its nail techs
  2. as much as I love Na-li I must comment on something that brings me some unease when I have gone to their salon. All i’m going to say is, you are a salon in Sierra Leone, a primarily black country, remember that as you deal with customers. That’s all. No smoke. 
  3. D mami na pawa we see you doing your thingThe Beauty Bar – Have you ever had an older cousin that you look at and think “omg, I want to be just like her!” Well, that’s the ethos in my mind that The Beauty Bar upholds. Opened by 4 girlfriends in 2021, The Beauty Bar gives you this bubble gum, girl- boss chique aura. Their Wilkinson Road location is right in the thick of things but private at the same time. It’s an oasis in the city where you can get the best gel manicure hands down, sip champagne and get your butt waxed; that’s range if you ask me!
The Beauty Bar came into the field and have dominated partnerships. They grow and expand their business by working with others and highlighting the strengths different individuals bring to the table. Their competitive spirit has them headed in the direction and for us the consumers a little competition will make a world of difference in how we’re treated, so I’m definitely here for it!

Lilly and Clover– Last and more certainly not least, I’ll be talking about the babies on the block. And by babies, I mean the soft babes, the cute babes, the nice babes. Lilly and Clover were opened in 2021 and I’m not sure what their business plan is. But I’m sure there’s something in there about having a luxurious, bougie but kind time. The owners Antoinette and Haja are like the friends you call when you wan bos, laugh, and forget your troubles. I’d like to think they incorporated that into their less is more, chill toned salon in Wilberforce known as the go-to spot if you want your braids and edges SLAYEDDDDDDDDDDDDD or lashes to flutter on these B’s. Lilly and Clover as the name suggests are green, fresh, and very new. However, don’t let that newness have you slipping into thinking they don’t know what they’re doing.

So there you have it. Freetown’s go-to soft life locations. All others whilst they may exist are just not there yet (in my opinion). As you make Valentine’s plans consider a spa day at Nali, a mani-pedi from the Beauty Bar, or some braid action from Lilly and Clover. I’m excited to see how these brands grow, what partnerships they come up with and discounts they might have us oh!