February 5, 2023


Sierra Leone Entertainment News

Kabaka reacts to Kracktwist and Samza’s exit

CEO of Kabaka Multimedia Entertainment (KME) AbuBakarr Turay aka Kabaka reacts to the exit of Kracktwist and Samza from the record label.

In a conversation with him, he confirms that their contract has ended. 

“It’s exactly what it is, the contract expired I have raised them well. It has been three years and they can stand on their own now” said Kabaka.

“I am glad of the men they have become and proud of the work I have done with them. Three years ago when they came and where they are now today there’s a great significant improvement in their lives”

Samza and Kracktwist surprised Sierra Leone yesterday when they announced their exit from KME. They’ve been with the label since its inception 3 years ago.

With the announcement, they join Markmuday and Blesz in quitting the record label. However, Markmuday and Blesz ended their contract earlier before the expiration date based on personal reasons. 

What’s next for KME?