February 5, 2023


Sierra Leone Entertainment News

Vickie Remoe is Releasing Another Children’s Book (& It’s Inspired By African Fashion)

Just five months after releasing her bestselling book, Adama Loves Akara, (which was inspired by her 5-year-old son), Remoe has written a second children’s book, A print for Ami with Pikin Books.

Today the TV Host and Girl Ambassador shared the book’s cover on her personal Instagram account.

“FINALLY! Adama would like you to meet her best friend Ami! A print for Ami is coming to a bookstore near you! Link in bio to find out more about this story. pre order #AprintforAmi, available 7/16,” she captioned the post.

The author explained that the book would be out in the summer and was now available to pre-order.

 According to a blog post, A print for Ami, “is a celebration of the fashion creatives who make us feel and look our best.” 

“This children’s book was inspired by my grandmother who owned a tailor shop. She was a seamstress for over four decades. I wrote this book to celebrate the small-scale fashion creatives that keep Africa’s textile and fashion heritage alive. I am excited for the world to read A print for Ami, ” she told Swit Salone. 

“Like my last book Adama Loves Akara I wanted to tell a story with an African girl as the main character. It’s important that African children see girls and women as leaders in first reader books to normalize women as the leaders and doers they already are. 

We’re definitely adding this to our reading list for all the kids in the family. 

Two little girls holding standing behind their copies of A print for Ami.
front and back cover of A print for Ami by Vickie Remoe
Cover and inside page of A print for Ami.