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Meet Sierra Leone’s Essential Workers: The Communications Officer

My journey started way back in 2019, one year after leaving Senior Secondary School. I started blogging, and I kept at it. Early this year, I got employed full time in a new role as a Communications officer, which means my work has moved from not just writing stories but now doing photos, graphics, and copywriting.  

I had only been in my new job for a couple of months when the COVID-19 pandemic hit. I was doing something different from what I studied. With my colleague’s help, I was able to cope, and in a short while, I had my responsibilities. My earnings were great; I was able to support my family at home. 

Since the country recorded its index case, everything got disrupted. At first, we thought it was going to be short-lived but little did we know. When the number of cases was high, we shut down operations. We stopped receiving clients, but we adapted, and we started making public service announcements on COVID-19. We also produced a TV Show called “The Local Response” for which I was the production assistant.   

For four months, we had to take a 50% pay cut. So we started “The C19 Dignity Project” to provide medical supplies to COVID-19 treatment facilities and isolation centers. I learned a lot from delivering medication and supplies to the treatment facilities. I got to travel outside of Freetown for the first time and went to four different districts.  

I thank God most things are back to normal. The curfew is over, and I can now work at the office. The food at home is no longer an issue since I can support the expenses again.  

I am a 21-year-old Communications Officer at VR&C Marketing Company in Freetown.

Credit: OSIWA/Essential Stories

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