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Love Story Gone Wrong: Meet The Sierra Leonean Woman Who Dropped Out Of Medical School Because of Love

Etta Isatu Findlay is a 52-year-old Sierra Leonean woman struggling in Jamaica because of the choices she made when she was younger. The decisions she made back then were heavily influenced by love, but hers is not a love story with a happy ending in fact it’s quite the opposite.

Findlay was a medical student at the Carlos J. Finlay University of Medical Sciences and was on course to graduate with a degree before she dropped out to settle down with her Prince Charming.

She was 27 when she met her Jamaican man who she fell head over heels for, she was so sure about her feelings that it was enough for her to quit her studies, leave Cuba for Jamaica where she got married to her Prince Charming.

That decision to drop out of university and get married is one Findlay regrets 25 years later. She went from almost earning a medical degree to being a dropout, divorced, and broke to the extent that she’s now homeless and seeking refuge in a church building.

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