December 7, 2022


Sierra Leone Entertainment News

Meet Sierra Leone’s Essential Workers: The Graphic Designer

Growing up, I loved art. I used to sketch things I saw around me; it would make my father angry. I never gave up; I’m now a 42-year-old graphic and multimedia designer in Freetown.

With the pandemic, the business has been significantly affected. More so for people like us who work with entertainers and who have to collaborate. Now, I’m only getting a few jobs. There are no album launches, no movie premieres, and the festive season is quickly approaching.

Before, people from all over Sierra Leone and beyond would have reached out to work on promotional material for them. I thank God that we don’t have a total lockdown. I have two staff who, luckily, I can pay every week, based on our cash flow. If we make less, they understand; other businesses could do the same.

Credit: OSIWA/Essential Stories.

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