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#SLACfest returns for its 2020 edition on the 27th and 31st October ONLINE

Back for the fourth time, the Young Sierra Leonean CIC has teamed up with some of their favorite platforms to bring you their annual #SLACfest showcase.

#SLACfest 2020 kicks off on Tuesday 27th October with Sierra Leone Beyond Borders, in Partnership with Poplar Union, an evening showcasing and celebrating Sierra Leone’s contribution to the world throughout the years, with keynote talks from Ade Daramy and Vickie Remoe discussing Sierra Leone’s Past and Present respectively. 

They’ll later go into a discussion surrounding the Future of Arts in Sierra Leone with panelists Ngozi Cole (writer and editor), Andre Bright (architect and choreographer), Vanessa Fisher (actor and dance tutor), and the award-winning Kontri Artist, Morrison Jusu. As part of their events, you can also enter a raffle to win the Exclusive ‘Young Salone’ Nike trainers better known as ‘the 232’, the world’s first Nike trainers designed by a young Sierra Leonean. 

With the theme of #SLACfest 2020 being Bridging the Gap between home with the diaspora, on Saturday 31st October, Young Salone will team up with Poda-Poda Stories and Bokutok podcasts to bring two specially curated events as part of #SLACfest 2020:

  • 3pm GMT – Poda-Poda #SLACFest join one of Sierra Leone’s brightest brains, Ngozi Cole, insay di Poda-Poda with very special live interview and Q&A with Osman Sankoh, publisher of the Sierra Leone Writers Series, and a special guest performance from Adeola Carew.
  • 6pm GMT – BɔkuTɔk #SLACFest Join them with Bɔkutɔk ladies, Isha Seasy & Fiona Lewis.