December 10, 2022


Sierra Leone Entertainment News

Sierra Leone’s Plasas and Poyo podcast features on BBC

Plasas and Poyo a podcast co-created by three young Sierra Leoneans got featured on BBC’s focus on Africa. The Plasas and Poyo podcast discusses current affairs, relationships, etc.

Mario McKay a lawyer awaiting to be called into the bar was interviewed on behalf of the team and in his interview, he stated that podcasts are an effective means of communicating with audiences in and out of the country and that half of their listeners are young Sierra Leoneans based in the diaspora.

“Podcasts are easy to fit into our busy lives, you can listen to a podcast whilst you’re driving or you could be involved in other activities whilst listening to a podcast you can also download on your smartphone.” Mario McKay

Plasas and Poyo is one of the most popular podcasts in Sierra Leone to listen to the interview click on this link.