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Sierra Leone’s Local Legends 2019


Swit Salone’s local legends of 2019 are those people, places, and companies that consistently provide excellent quality local goods for affordable prices. 

Local legends are not only famous for what they do but they are also good at what they do.

For their commitment to local content done right we say plenti plenti tenki. Leh God Continue for bles una all. 

Local legend 2019

Waterloo Cassada Bread

In terms of Cassava Bread nobody does it better than the Waterloo community. They are symbolic for their cassava bread trade. Everyone is of the opinion that all cassava bread comes from Waterloo and it is a fact that has some kind of truth in it. Cassava Bread is always accompanied by fry fish.

Helens Nails Care

Where we local babes can get a manicure and pedicure parlor for just 40,000 leones ($4). Find it at Campbell Street in Freetown. You can get your nails and feet done in a very professional manner.

Olele at Balmaya – Olele is a local food that is always available at Balmaya Restaurant. It is made mainly of beans and other local ingredients. Balmaya has been in existence for over 30 years. For just five thousand leones you can enjoy Olele.

Monaj is a fashion brand owned by a young lady by the name Ramona Sankoh. Her unique designs of bags, slippers, earrings, dress and more has led her to become one of the fashion trendsetters in the country. Millenials in Sierra Leone go in for products made by the brand because all of their products are made with the African print textile.

Marvics Yogurt you can find it at any supermarket in town. For just ten thousand leone you can enjoy a cup of Salone style yogurt. It always tastes so sweet and fresh. And they have been in business for over a decade.

Limba Corner This is a place travelers heading to and from the provinces stop by to get a drink of fresh palm wine. This palm wine the people call “from god to man”. It is located at Mile 38. There is always fresh roast meat available to accompany the drink.

Limba Kona Palmwine

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