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This woman eats the world on a Sierra Leonean passport

Meet 24-year-old Sierra Leonean foodie who travels the world and takes a bite wherever she goes on a Sierra Leonean passport.

Latoya Bianca Gerber has found a way to multitask and manage her life in a unique and comfortable way. If you know her you’ll notice she’s always on the clock working, going to class and doing the two things she loves the most which are traveling and food blogging.

“You can instantly decipher that I love food from the pictures I take and post on my page.”

Travel on a Budget

Gerber seems to love traveling but to do so she has to make a lot of sacrifices and save up a lot, for example, she says she has not gone shopping for the past 2-3 years due to her travels.

Her secret to traveling is that she does it on a budget and uses Airbnb so she doesn’t stay in hotels, she also travels with friends to make it easier and cheaper, the cost is shared.

“I do a lot of research on the places I go to, I check for their food, culture and one thing I always do is search for cheapest destinations and tickets.”
“If you plan well you can go to 3-4 destinations for just $1000.”

Use what you love to build your Brand

This is one aspect that Gerber excels in, using her Instagram handle the_fat_bastardsl a name she said she got from an Austin Powers movie ‘Fat Bastard’, she posts pictures of her food and travel exploits on her Instagram page, her photos are very exotic and detailed and because of this, she gets a lot of people paying attention to her. 

Gerber also does reviews for restaurants and eateries her last review was for Roosters.

“I do a different type of food blogging because I really appreciate food, I love food.”

She has vast knowledge about eateries and restaurants in Sierra Leone so if you are looking for a place to munch during this festive season then i suggest you get in touch with her.

Time Management

She manages 3 businesses, a holder of a law degree, a travel and food blogger. She does wear many hats but yet still she seems to be acing all

Gerber says up to this day people don’t believe she took her law exams last year because of how hard she works, where do i get the time to study and go to classes? They always ask.

“I don’t sleep, my car is my bedroom. But i guess its just time management and sacrifice. I sacrifice things like chilling, house parties, and clubbing and use that time to work.”

She’s the co-owner of Leone Lux its a personal shopping business, owns Toya’s Creation a gift creation and gift business and finally, she is the co-owner of Latoya’s Enterprise.

Gerber seems to be doing well for a 24-year-old living in Sierra Leone but then again we have her hard work and dedication to thank for this.

Gerber’s review of Roosters