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Sierra Leone Bafta Awards 2019 – The game spoilers

This year Swit Salone presents Bafta Awards to individuals and institutions who are excellent at underperformance.

Electricity Distribution Supply and Authority (EDSA) As the name implies, EDSA is responsible for the distribution and supply of electricity but they have gone from good to worse. When will people who have paid for meters receive them? Money dae, meter nor dae. Top up dae, light nor dae. Wetin we do una?

Guma Valley Water Company (Guma) The sole responsibility of Guma is water supply but there’s no water in our taps yet we still receive bills. You even have the effrontery to disconnect people who refuse to pay the bill. Una nor get shame ba?

National Electoral Commission (NEC) The mission of this institution is to register eligible voters and conduct all public elections without fear or favor. This has not been the case. Election malpractice is the order of the day, una pack fine duya. After what they did for the local by-elections in Constituency 110 we knew they would be bafta champions.

Sierra Leone Police (SLP) is responsible for law enforcement and criminal investigation throughout the country but the criminals are their friends. Bribery is the order of the day. This is one of the most unprofessional and corrupt institutions. They arrest without warrants and even side with people with more money. Force for good don turn oda tin. How long pan orders from above? Also, way una arrest people noh mean say foh kick dem, slap dem back. 

Sierra Leone Roads Safety Authority (SLRSA) how long will it take you to provide a license for someone who has applied and paid for it? How do you expect people to drive without a license, or are you collaborating with the police? Di yay dae watch o!

Freetown City Council (FCC) Freetown is still so dirty and every day you collect tax from traders yet we do not see improvement. What other measures have you put in place? Wetin una dae do because dis wan tem pan month cleaning nor do o. Also, where are our elected local ward officials? Una scarce na area!

Ministry of Health and Sanitation (MOHS) access to sound health is a human right. The overall goal of the ministry is to maintain and improve the health of its citizens. What have you been doing? If only public officials could use the medical facilities at our government hospitals then we would actually have the best medical facilities. It is a shame our health sector is a mess and our doctors and health workers are underpaid.

Gento Construction how long will it take you to complete your work especially the Congo Cross, Lodge, and Bus Halt axis. Wi taya for sidom pan traffic. Also, Hill Cot Road that you did, what is that? We know the name has ‘cot’ in it but that did not mean to cut en join! 

Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) we do not feel protected in our environment. We want to know what you have been doing. We see you watering those plants in the pots on Congo Cross and Wilkinson Road when what you should be doing is educating us on what we need to do in our communities to live more eco-friendly lives. 

Dennis Sandy (Minister of Lands) u nem de play n noto pan good tin o. We are tired of hearing negative things about you. Please turn down the volume or give us good news.