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Children in Prostitution


Prostitution is the act or practice of providing sexual services to another person in return for payment with the person providing these services being called a Prostitute. Prostitution is sometimes called the “world’s oldest profession”. There are written records of it in almost every culture and society. In many countries it is a crime. The issue of prostitution has been an engrossing problem in Sierra Leone- but the sad reality is that it increase is unimaginable.

A survey done by Pink Power Organization and Brighter Horizon Project shows that 21% of prostitute in Freetown are children and these girls had their first sexual experience through rape. Most of our young girls who should be in school have now taken prostitution as a profession- this is really a pathetic irony.

According to the survey these children falls under the age bracket of 11 and 15 years.
These statistics are a shocking revelation of the condition of girls in the country. The organizations which conducted the research say they interviewed up to 400 prostitutes in the city to come to these conclusions. One might not understand how sadden the issue is; if by so, is there any bright future for our young girls in Sierra Leone? I believe the answer is NO.

As Sierra Leoneans; we are expected to frown at this lingering menace that has succeeded in influencing our sisters, in nexus to that, I am entreating stakeholders to ponder sufficiently on how this problem should be treated if not extirpated.

Every night most girls engage in this ignominious trade in different centers of  entertainment, I wonder if this doesn’t reflect in our minds that these girls should supposed to be in their homes reading or sleeping.

We need to know the differences between a prostitute & a school going girl, measures are soon to be expected in making these suggestions a reality; education is a right for these girls, I think it’s about time we began to think about that, this is a problem that needs remedial action…….

Why the sudden increase of prostitution? Is it mostly done for monetary purposes or other reasons that are surreptitious to the general populace of this nation?  

`For a country to be a promising one, better education for girls must be a priority’

This should be a national concern, we have to give  sad faces to this uncontrollable challenges; this act is annoying & must be treated with all amount of urgency.

Moreover, massive sensitization against prostitution for girls is expected to go across the country-prostitution enhances a bleak future, might ruin the human resource of Sierra Leone, it has to be taken more seriously to concerned-authorities, we will forever remain ever dogged in pursuing this course, together we can have a better & a brighter Sierra Leone.

(C) Suliaman Gbla

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