Sierra Leone: Grave of Bai Bureh, famed anti British tax warrior is now a national heritage site

The grave of the 1898 uprising hero against the British in Sierra Leone, Bai Bureh of Kasseh has been proclaimed and declared National Monument by the Ministry of Tourism and Cultural Affairs, and the Monuments and Relics Commission.The rationale behind the proclamation is to promote tourism as well as preserve the rich, and enviable cultural heritage of Sierra Leone.

” I want to reaffirm the Government’s commitment to promoting tourism and preserve our enviable cultural heritage. The Restoration and construction work will soon commence to improving the site,” said Memunatu Pratt, Minister of Tourism.Resident in Kasseh Chiefdom believed that when the site is completed it will greatly improve the chiefdom as it would be a hub for heritage tourism in Sierra Leone.“We the people of this Chiefdom are happy for this development
because when visitors come they will bring a huge benefit for the chiefdom. Bai Bureh is a great hero, we are ready to welcome visitors here (Kasseh Chiefdom) to see where he was buried, ” said Pa Alimamy Bangura.

The People of Maherah Village Kasseh chiefdom and the surrounding villages converged in their numbers to celebrate the recognition of the grave of their great hero, Bai Bureh.The Paramount Chief of Kasseh Chiefdom, Bai Bureh Lugbu narrated the historical account of Bai Baureh in which he explained that the Hut Tax was not the only reason for the 1898 Revolution.Local Chiefs in their local regalia, performed ceremonies handed down from generation.Charlie Hafner the chairman of MRC asked the community to safeguard the heritage site, he also assured that the commission will proclaim more monuments.The event climaxed by handing over of the proclamation document from the Minister of Tourism to the Paramount Chief.