Sierra Leone Female cricket team performs high-intensity training in Zimbabwe.

The Sierra Leone female cricket team will depart the shores of Sierra Leone on the 24th April 2019, to start a high-intensity performance training in Zimbabwe. The training is organized ahead of the ICC women’s T20 World Cup qualifiers slated to take place on the 3rd to the 13th of May 2019.

“The female cricket team will train for nine days at the Zimbabwe cricket academy, under Kenneth Massinga the South African coach, and he will be assisted by Sarah Johnson from Sierra Leone. This training was as a result of the Africa ICC women’s T20 World Cup qualifiers, which Sierra Leone will be part of. ” Said CEO Samura of the Sierra Leone Cricket Association.

It is believed that the executive of the cricket board has confirmed the officials that will be traveling with the team to Zimbabwe. Daniel Koroma the Association’s secretary general revealed that there are 16 players that are currently training with the team, but only 14 will make the trip.
“The players will be announced on Friday 19th April 2019, and we will pay a courtesy call on the minister of sport on Tuesday 23 April 2019, ” Koroma said.

Coach Massinga will be traveling from South Africa to join the team in Zimbabwe, Sarah Johnson as assistance coach, Elizabeth B. French as an umpire and Eustace Jones as team manager, is the confirmed officials that will be traveling with the team from Sierra Leone. French who is the female cricket Director and also doubles as umpire said that this is the first time the female team will be undergoing high-performance training which will help the team to compete and participate.