March 22, 2023


Sierra Leone Entertainment News

Ori is Sierra Leone’s latest shea butter brand from Yasmine Bilkis

Yasmine Bilkis Ibrahim has launched, Ori a Shea Butter company that makes moisturizes for hair and skin in Freetown, Sierra Leone. Ori means shea in Krio. Another name for shea is ‘madunniIbrahim’s Ori was first launched in 2017 as Karité, which is French for shea. 

Ori offers three products that are all shea butter based; a bug repellant, a hair moisturizer and, Ori for your skin.

At the launch of Ori, 5% of the sales proceeds benefit “Girl Up” a girls leadership program that meets at Vine Memorial School, founded by Ibrahim. She says she loves getting involved with causes that support girls and women because they are the most disadvantaged. In Sierra Leone boys are two times more likely to complete secondary school than girls.

The launch of Ori was filled with energy, and culture just like the Ori brand. There was an African fashion display, music, and art.


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