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Sierra Leone: Internet connectivity still not quite what it should be



Internet Connectivity is the ability of individuals and organization to connect to the internet using computer terminals, computers, and other electronic devices to access services such as e-mail and the world wide web.

As internet connectivity is a way of life and a fundamental human right, it is playing a great role in our everyday life. And has been a key driving factor that has pushed plenty of countries educational and entertainment sector and it will also be a key driving factor that will help push Sierra Leone entertainment and educational sector. Be in mind that with internet connectivity our entertainment and the educational sector can be connected to endless opportunities.

What will internet connectivity do for users in Sierra Leone?

  • Uploads can be done with ease in different platforms.
  •  The issue of live streaming won’t be a problem.
  •  Issues of not having many views on YouTube, less subscription to YouTube channel, fewer followers in different social media handles all can be solve with proper internet connectivity.
  • Students and pupils can be able to do research to solve problems and strengthen their thinking capability.
  • People can gain skills from tutorials of which they can use to empower themselves.
  • Online courses and different online beneficial activities can be accessed with comfort etc.

This is what users in Sierra Leone highlight as challenges to access of the internet:
– Less Coverage
– Speed (Slow)
– Expensive (Unaffordable)
– Durability (Pending)

Two university students Haroun Samba Turay And Alhaji Umar Koroma, Institute Of Public Administration And Management (University Of Sierra Leone) had this to say:

“The internet is too expensive, too slow and not durable. We have problems doing our assignments and finding notes to aid our studies. Internet Service Providers need to improve their services so we can have access to study materials.”

Sheku Turay – a graphics designer and the CEO of HD Production (a graphics designing and promotion company) had this to say:

“As a designer, I need internet to aid my work and do things much faster. For entertainment, I need internet to do promotions so that entertainers’ content can go viral.”

Turay says he knows someone who used the internet to learn how to sew and make designs with better access many others can as well.

PC: Racka Design example of their brand.


Below is a screen grab of data prices in Liberia tweeted by Journalist, Umaru Fofanah. It shows that the price of data in just across the border in Liberia is just $1 for 1gig. 

In Sierra Leone $1 will only get you about 225mb and that’s with the recently reduced tariffs from Orange.

Sierra Leoneans across all sectors want safe, affordable, and speedy internet so that the entertainment and education sector can grow.


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