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Sierra Leone: I used Shop & Ship by Aramex to get my Amazon orders to Freetown

by Vickie Remoe

Last month I was in Freetown shooting my TV Show. We had two microphones and three guests. We shot the show with what we had but on play back I realized I needed a third mic, and a wireless one. What to do? Checked out Amazon and put one in my cart. I figured that I would order and bring it next time I was in the US which wasn’t for another 6 weeks. This meant I couldn’t shoot anything till then. Bummer!

On my way out of Sierra Leone I forgot to lock my suitcase. That was a very stupid move. When I got to Accra I realized that someone at either Lungi or Kotoka had helped themselves to my $250 Karen Walker sunglasses (the one I bought after I had Olu as push gift to myself), a couple lipsticks and my brand new Becca bronzer. I was pissed and frustrated but it was my fault. I had forgotten where I was.

I went to Amazon and added some new lipstick to my cart, and lip liner. I couldn’t find my bronzer and I certainly did not have $250 to spend on new shades. While I was on Amazon I got some rain gear as well.

In passing conversation about my ordeal with my stolen goods, a friend suggested I use Aramex’s Shop & Ship Service. Shop and Ship allows you to shop online and have your goods delivered to your doorstep. I didnt know why I didnt know about it but now I do. Me and lipstick go together like two lips on a mouth, so I knew I had to sign up.

I signed up to Aramex with my passport, there is a $25 subscription fee. They generate addresses for you, that are in their warehouse and you can ship directly to that address. Once they receive your goods, they ship and deliver to your address in Freetown.

You can sign up from anywhere in world by visiting their website: SHOP & SHIP. If you’re in Sierra Leone Call/Whatsapp +232 77 141 111 to sign up. If you do call tell them Vickie Remoe sent you, this way you receive the same reduced $25 subscription fee that I got.


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