Sierra Leone Elections: Here are the 25 APC members who want to succeed President Koroma

It is less than 6 months to the 2018 general elections and we are still have no idea who the APC party will select as its front runner to potentially succeed President Koroma. Many believe that who ever wins the APC flagbearership will most likely become the next President given the SLPP’s current internal woes. When the “Reds” head to there soon to be held national convention in Makeni this month, one of the men or women listed here will emerge as the party’s new leader and Presidential flag bearer.
Official confirmation of APC intending flagbearer Aspirants.
1, Victor Foh
2, Alimammy P Koroma
3, Alpha Kanu
4, Kemoh Sesay
5, John B Sesay
6, Joseph F Kamara
7, Mahmood Tarawally
8, Zainab H Bangura
9, Marie Yansaneh
10, Hon Ibrahim Bundu
11, Minkailu Mansaray
12, Kelfala Marrah
13, Usu Boi Kamara
14, Lawyer Kaloko
15, Alpha Conteh
16, Dr Samura Kamara
17, Ansumana Koroma
18, Victoria Saidu Kamara
19, Alimamy P Kamara
20, Bassie Kamara
21, Dr. Sam Sesay
22, Momodu L. Kargbo
23, Amara Adekalie Kamara
24, Paul Kamara
25, Mohamed C. Koroma